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The Yaara Logo

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

The word yaara in my home language, Punjabi, means friend. My passion for drinks is inspired by the friendships it facilitates, and my distillery was also inspired by my friend, Rohit.

The English text in the logo mirrors the Punjabi text, just as the differing cultures mirror each other in harmony and friendship. Yaara also refers to the Yarra River, an iconic river in my other home, Victoria, that is a source of life and nourishment. Yaara Distillery draws inspiration from the character of the Yarra River, which has undergone numerous transformations and disruptions, yet remains, as Indigenous Australians called it, yarro-yarro - ever-flowing. The Yarra River is represented beneath the word Yaara in the logo. Finally, the line resting above the word Yaara is a bridge: the Yarra bridge that connects different cultures to and between the river, is also the Yaara bridge that connects cultures together in the spirit of friendship.

Yaara: the ever-flowing spirit of friendship.

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